Our Customer Stories

"I will be back and not only will I be back I will be referring everyone to KMA Talent, LLC. June is very professional, timely, responsive, detailed and most importantly she listens. If all life experiences could be what June has provided the world would be a better place! Thanks June I appreciate you and all that you did for me! "  QJ

"June is incredibly talented!  She is a master at constructing an insightful resume. She is punctual and it is evident that she has been helping people for quite some time.  I’m so thankful for her expertise."  EB

"I had the privilege of speaking with Ms. June on several occasions. Once I got a chance to speak with her, she brought me so much joy, professionalism and great advice. It was like she had been a mentor to me for years. I enjoyed speaking with her, she is easy to talk to and can help to provide resources and sound constructive advice. I recommend her to anyone. She is good at what she does."  KB 

"I wish there were 6 stars! I've entrusted several projects to KMA and have been very happy with the results. KMA took the time to listen to my needs, answer all of my questions, and they completed all of my projects in a creative, timely and professional manner. They treated the needs of my private practice as if it were their own. creativity. A++++ producer."  BT 

"Response was quicker than I thought. My resume came out awesome, could not ask for better, I highly recommend anyone seeking assistance definetly contact them. "  CS

" After several conversations with June, I had the opportunity to interview with two different organizations recently. I could hear June’s voice in my ear, suggesting a turn of phrase or telling me to think about how key points on my resume translate into the sort of experience the manager is looking for. June’s HR knowledge and experience is invaluable. I was put in a position where I had two job offers, and I got to choose the opportunity that best fit with my career goals. Thanks, June for your advice!"  MF

"June was extremely wonderful to chat with. She answered all of my questions with detailed responses as well as providing actionable feedback. I was very pleased with our conversation and feel quite comfortable to reach out to her again in the future with questions."   MW

"I love the accomplished feeling I get after a call with Ms. June. She is so easy to talk to, encouraging and is attentive the entire conversation."  JB

"June was amazing. Great insight. She gave me a lot of great information on how to maximize my LinkedIn networking opportunities. Walked me through how to customize and reap maximum benefit from the always dreaded cover letter. Will definitely use her again. "  ET

"I had a great conversation with June. She provided me with amazing feedback on getting the most out of my personal branding using my LinkedIn profile. She also provided me with great feedback on how to best proceed when I am ready for taking the next step in my career."  JM 

"It was my absolute pleasure to meet June. She provided great customer service and listened to my needs for my resume/cover letter. She made sure to deliver efficient results. I’m now all equipped for landing my next job.  Great working with you & thank you!"  FH 

"KMA was very helpful in answering my questions and so very prompt on completion of the resume!!"  BD 

"In one call, June was able to change my plan of attack for my job search and transition period. I had many concerns regarding, networking, marketing myself, degree and non-degree education, and June was able to provide specific and constructive advice and guidance to overcome these concerns."  NA 

"KMA  was an excellent resource to help to me as I was struggling with navigating my next step. They answered all of my questions and gave me quality feedback on my LinkedIn page and job search strategy. I definitely recommend them."  MS

"I had the opportunity to speak with June for a second time and she is always so refreshing! I had a concern about career transition and how to handle negotiation, employer relationships, as well as general career advice. Every time I speak with her I have a renewed sense of confidence and a clearer direction. I am certain that I will continue to reach out to her on a regular basis. She is patient, motivating and practical. Thank you June!"  BH 

"Another quality conversation with June. She listened intently as I reviewed some gains in my search process. June provided some additional resources to consider and guidance on next steps. Look forwarding to talking again."  JP 

"June is always a pleasure to speak with. She brings great insight about how hiring managers think, strategies for standing out in the applicant crowd, and advice on pacing out job search activities. I look forward to speaking to her again soon."  MF 

"I really enjoyed talking to June. I’m glad I connected with her and we spoke twice. I can’t thank her enough. She has provided me a lot of useful information to start my own business. I look forward to speaking with her more and to share my progress. I highly recommend making an appointment to speak with her. "  VO

"Terrific initial conversation with June. June took the time to listen to me describe my background and current struggles with the job search process. She then provided some great suggestions on next steps and words of encouragement. I certainly intend on keeping in touch with her and seeking more advice along the way."  JP

"I had the pleasure of speaking with June today and she could not have been more helpful! Her advice on career transition, resume writing and networking was definitely a fresh perspective and I'm super confident that her suggestions will have a huge impact on my job search. I will definitely continue connecting with her."  BH 

"Learning from June is always a pleasure! She is always eager to point me in the right direction and has a plethora of knowledge, not just about HR and Recruiting but navigating the ever so tricky waters of office politics. I always look forward to learning something new from June!"  MM

"Ms. June inspired me when I was freaking out about transitioning from the military to the civilian sector. Her calm demeanor and positive comments put me at ease. Three weeks later I landed my first civilian job. Currently still working there and loving it. Thank you Ms. June!!!!"  RC 

"June is Awesome!  I am changing careers and June was very supportive and knowledgeable in helping navigate the presentation of my extensive career experience in a new resume.  The final document is exactly what I was looking for and she was very easy to work with!"  BD

"Very positive experience! Thank you for the amazing resume!"  GT

"June was great to work with. She was helpful through every step of the process. Her work is A+. Hope to work with you in the future. Thanks!"  GR

"June was a pleasure to work with and she was very prompt with responding to any questions or concerns I had. She was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her highly!"  CH 

"I could not have been happier with my resume and the service I received. I have recommended you to everyone. What a spectacular company. Thank You for all that you did."  DW 

"KMA Talent,LLC was very helpful from start to finish. I would tell anyone to use there service. "  TL

 "Awesome work! Very punctual."  ER

"June is truly an EXPERT when it comes to all things job search related.  Her corporate background and her experience working with hiring managers translates to knowing what they are looking for and how best to package a candidates skills and experience to get noticed.  June has become a trusted advisor that comes with my highest recommendation to anyone wanting to increase their odds in their job search."  MH

"I recommend KMA's services highly. They have many years' experience with formatting, editing and drafting resumes and other professional documents for job seekers. I have been a recruiter for almost 7 years and have known June professionally for over 3 years. I assist others with resumes daily and she is the one I asked to assist me with mine. June is responsive, has an understanding of end goals and the knowledge to tailor your resume to the market of your choosing. Focusing on key words, industry language and streamlining documents effectively are some of her strengths. With her assistance, I was offered a great opportunity less than two weeks after my job search began!"  KH 

"With so many options out there for professional resume services KMA is a breath of fresh air.  Their expertise and counsel have moved clients to second phases of the hiring process.  They are ethical, credible, and respected within their field.  They will take the time to understand your career path and get your resume noticed.  I highly recommend their services."  ML

"KMA Talent did an outstanding job revamping my Resume and Cover Letter.  They are brilliant with their creativity and wording.  They will truly make your resume and cover letter stand out from the crowd.  Ms. Burchfield is professional and provides top tier work quality, at a real value! I recommend her also for special work projects and career counseling."  CW   

"Kudos! They deserve A+ rating for their excellent resume services. My skills are well written and my writer provided not only his expertise in writing but also some career-related advice that I find helpful especially now that I am currently searching for a new job. Keep up the amazing service."  MW 

"Appreciated speaking by phone about what I was looking for in my resume.  Really liked the layout and wording.  Made me feel a lot better about my resume."  RB

"In this world full of many who call themselves professional, it is hard to find true professional like June. I have applied for more than 100 jobs without a chance of phone interview. Then, I met June who reviewed my resume. Since then things changed and I started getting interviews."  LO 

"I have worked with June for about two years for direct hire needs. She is diligent, dedicated, and knowledgeable. June will always take the time to understand the type of person needed not only for the role but also for the corporate culture. She is always personable and professional to work with and treats her candidates with the same respect as employers."  JF 

"Very impressed with the timely response. Very professional!"  PW

"Very professional and easy to talk to ."  GF

 "KMA was wonderful to work with! My resume turned out polished, clean, easy to read and the turn around was fast!  Would definitely highly recommend!"  JF